• Stress-Free Mornings

    Let your home manage the small things while you focus on the big wins.

    Delivery Dilemma?

    Deliveryman coming from 2pm - 6pm, but he comes when you are about to go for a run.
    Home-A-Genius alerts you when someone is at your door.

    Running late for a show?

    Fret not! Turn on Movie Mode with

    Home-A-Genius, even before you reach your home.

    What is


    A smart home hub with great flexibility that meets complex needs.

    Ready to Integrate with us?

    We provide integration services with Home-A-Genius Hub

  • Our Values

    We do more than provide you with the best Home Automation Solution.


    Highly-scalable smart home solution to future-proof your home.

    Always ready for the ever-changing technological evolution.


    Building and combining software with different hardware takes time, patience and passion. Our engineers will work out the best for you.


    Our team will always be ready for you whenever help is needed. We have built a Knowledge Library, just for you.


    Home-A-Genius strives to bring the best user experience to you. Our app has a well-designed user interface that is suited for all ages.

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