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    Home-A-Genius Showroom

    65 Ubi Road 1 Oxley Bizhub #03-57

    Nearest to Lift Lobby 5

    Call us at +65 8522 5576

    We are open

    Weekdays: 11am to 6pm

    Weekends: 10am to 5pm


    For the well-being of our clients and staff, we can only allow a maximum of 6 guests at any point. Please make an appointment with us to avoid disappointment.

    Directions By Car:

    Please note that visitor parking is only available in the basement of Oxley Biz Hub. From B1, please do park in the lots near Building 65.

    1. Find Lift Lobby 5 and head up to the 3rd floor.


    2. From the 3rd floor lift lobby, exit through the fire exit doors.

    3. Head straight until you reach a small intersection with a bridge. Turn right.

    4. Follow along the parapet until you've reached the second door on the right.

    5. Welcome to Home-A-Genius!


    Directions By Cab/Grab:

    Please note that passenger pick-up/drop-off is normally located at the back of Oxley Biz Hub.


    1. Ask the driver to turn right upon reaching Oxley. Head through the gantry.

    2. You can alight anywhere near the Victor logo.

    3. Walk straight along the path here but keep right.


    4. Lift Lobby 7 should be directly on your left.

    5. At the 3rd floor lift lobby, exit through the fire exit doors and walk through the bridge.

    6. Turn left along the parapet. Our office is the 2nd door on your right.

    7. Welcome to Home-A-Genius!

    Directions By Public Transport:

    Please note that the nearest MRT stations are Macpherson/Tai Seng. There are multiple avenues to Oxley Biz Hub from both stations.

    1. From the nearby bus stop, head up the stairs leading to Oxley Biz Hub.

    2. When you see the Chokdee Group logo on the left, turn left into the small alley.

    3. Continue along until you see Lift Lobby 4, which will be on your right.

    4. At the 3rd floor lift lobby, exit through the fire exit door.

    5. Turn right and follow the wall until you've reached the parapet (behind the vehicles).

    6. Follow the path along the parapet until you've reached the 3rd door on your left.

    7. Welcome to Home-A-Genius!


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