• Smart Home Ideas

    Ultimate convenience at your finger tips

    Morning Routine

    Play relaxing music, gently brighten the lights, turn off the AC, turn on the fan and start to boil the kettle water when you wake-up in the morning

    Turn on the lights whenever you enter the Toilet

    Let your spouse enjoy his/her beauty sleep with dimmed lights whenever you need a toilet break during sleeping hours

    Turn on the lights whenever the wardrobe is open

  • Empower your home with various modes

    Power Saving Mode

    Turn on the least number of lights needed

    Cleaning Time

    Turn on the lights and the fan and play music while you dust your home

    Stealth Mode

    Enjoy your well deserved rest. Deactivate all motion sensors and set the volume of voice feedback to 0%

    Movie Mode

    Dim the lights, turn on the air-conditioner and TV

  • Home Monitoring & Warning Alerts

    Get an alert and video clip

    when someone is outside the

    main door

    Get a comprehensive Home Report whenever you leave/return home

    Home Report tells you if there are any rooms on, any doors open and how long have rooms been on for the day

    Get an alert whenever nobody is home and rooms are on or doors are open

    Play music and blink the lights whenever someone presses the doorbell

    Lights can blink for up till 15 seconds

    Monitor your

    Pets or Love ones
    from anywhere

  • Environment awareness and Instant news

    Turn off the AC and turn on the fan whenever the night is too cold

    Get a voice feedback and alert to bring in the clothes when it is raining

    Get the latest news whenever you leave/return home

    Get the latest news on your phone whenever you turn on the dining room for your morning breakfast

  • Take care of your love ones and pets

    Get a reminder every morning, afternoon and night to take medicine or feed your pet

    In addition lights can also blink for up till 15 seconds

    Ventilate a room for your pet by turning on the fan for 20 minutes every hour

    Turn on the Fish Tank lights only in the day

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