• Turn off everything with one button

    or voice command

  • Assign a smart switch at the entrance and just shut down the home by pressing the switch before you leave for work. Before going to sleep, just tell your Voice Controller* to "Turn off everything". No need to scramble around the house to check for on switches anymore.


    Here is how it can all be easily done with Home-A-Genius :

    Create a Scene like the above to turn off all your smart switches, smart bulb and etc with a Quick Button, Voice Controller* and a Wireless Smart Switch (near the entrance)

    Detailed View of the Wireless Smart Switch as a Condition


    Note: The button "on" action should be set to switch off all devices

    Detailed View of the Voice Controller* as a Condition

    * Upgrade is required

  • Welcome Home

    Turn on the entrance lights whenever you return home at night

  • 3 scenes, as described below, are encouraged in your welcome home scene. These scenes are tuned to

    1. Automates your entrance lights accordingly.

    Automating your lights are important as it serves you well when you are entering your home hands full.


    2. Greet you according to your timing

    Greeting may seem trivial now, but it will definitely leave an impression to your guest when they enter your home.

    Must have Smart Devices:

    1. Door sensor

    2. Smart switch for your entrance lights

    3. Home-A-Genius Hub + Speaker for voice feedback

    3 portions may look intimidating, but the scenes can be easily replicated by breaking this scene into sections

    Let's Start

    Step 1

    Place the triggers into your condition box.

    For our example, we have added the:

    1. Quick button for quick access

    2. Entrance Door

    3. Voice Controller

    4. Maindoor Camera (optional)

    Step 2:

    For the first set of action, we have placed the following devices to be activated:

    1. Entrance Lights 1

    2. Entrance Lights 2 - Dimmable

    3. Speaker for greeting

    4. Push Notification for mobile alerts


    We have also set the timing to be 7pm to 7 am as the lights will be turned on.

    Step 3: Push Notification & Speaker

    Push notification can be set to greet as "Good Evening" by selecting the edit button at the bottom right corner of the Push Notification box.


    You can do the same with Home-A-Genius' voice feedback via the Speaker box.

    Step 4: Time Selection

    Click on "all day" to select scene to be activated on a certain time frame.


    Once done, another timeframe, indicating the remaining time of the day will appear.

    Repeat Step 4 by setting the timing to be from 7 am to 12 noon and 12 noon to 7pm.

    Repeat Step 2 for the afternoon setting. i.e. instead of greeting "Good Evening", you can replace it with "Good Morning" and "Good Afternoon" respectively.


    And you are DONE!

  • Turn on lights for your pet whenever it is night time or whenever the sky is dark

  • Don't let your cat or dog stay in the dark when you're not around. Turn on a night light for them after 7pm or when rain is approaching and the sky is dark.


    Here is how it can be easily done with Home-A-Genius :

    Create a Routine like the above for setting the cat room night lights (Philps Hue White Ambiance Bulb) to 20% brightness everyday from 7pm to 11:50pm (night time)

    Create a Scene like the above for setting the cat room night lights (Philps Hue White Ambiance Bulb) to 20% brightness when there is rain from 7am to 7pm (day time)

    Detailed view of Weather as a Condition

    Detailed view of the cat room night light as the Action

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