• Terms & Conditions


    1. $1000 down payment to schedule for site visit
    2. Full payment to be made upon confirmation. Items can only be ordered after full payment has been made. 
    3. Payment is not refundable under any circumstances
    4. Please make payment via the following methods, within 3 working days:
    • Bank transfer: OCBC Account 687-812958-001
    • Cheque Payable to: Home-A-Genius Pte Ltd

    Site Visit Requirements

    1. Depth of switches are to be at least 40mm
    2. 1x electrical point to be provided in case of installation of motorized curtains
    3. Neutral wire are to be available for every switch
    4. Loose data cable are to be available for ceiling mounted routers
    5. All data cables to be routed back to the fibre optic terminal. 
    6. All electrical boxes/ carpentry conceal boxes are to be installed before smart home installation
    7. All light & fan fittings are to be installed before smart home installation
    8. All connection to Philips HUE/Yeelight LED strips need a 13A power socket connection. Please provide the right number of power point based on the number of 2m Yeelight strips requested.

    Installation Charges/Penalty

    1. Warranty of the smart switches will only be covered if installation is done by electricians instructed by Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. 
    2. Additional devices/setup rendered during implementation will be charged accordingly via subsequent invoices. 
    3. Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. shall liaise with the Home Owner and/or their contractors, and the Home Owner and/or their contractors shall provide written confirmation that all  Installation Requirements are satisfied before Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. can undertake any project installation works. 
    4. Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. shall not be required to instruct or engage electricians unless and until  Installation Requirements are satisfied. 
    5. Electricians instructed by Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. shall not be required to undertake any works under the Site Visit Requirements as they are the responsibility of the Home Owner.
    6. Home Owner shall be responsible for reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. due to any incomplete works under the  Installation Requirements, including but not limited to additional visits required.    
    7. Cancellation without reason of electrical/smart home installation within 72h prior to scheduled date will incur a $150 fee.

    Software Warranty/Upgrades

    1. Changes in Home-A-Genius Software will be done through software upgrades. Onsite upgrade may not be required.
    2. If Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. is engaged to install the network hardware for the entire property, Home-A-Genius shall utilise its best efforts to resolve network issues caused by hardware issues.

    Hardware Warranty

    1. Home-A-Genius Hub comes with a 2 years warranty. Should your Home-A-Genius Hub malfunction within the first 24 months of ownership, Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. will repair or replace your unit, free of charge.
    2. All hardware and devices purchased from Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. will be under a 1 year warranty. This warranty is nullified once device has been abused or tempered with
    3. Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. will not be required to assist in setting up devices which are not purchased from Home-A-Genius.
    4. Neutral wire switches come with 2 years warranty and Non-neutral wire switches come with only 1 year warranty. Date of warranty starts from date of switch installation.

    After Sale Support

    1. Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. shall provide After Sale Support remotely via WhatsApp or Facebook messaging. On-site visits will only be required if both parties agree on its necessity. 
    2. Every on-site visit will encompass a transort fee of $120.
    3. Home Owner shall utilise Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. and/or their contractors’ resources reasonably and in a manner appropriate to the circumstances.
    4. Home Owner shall be responsible for reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. due to the Home Owner and/or their contractors failure to cooperate with Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd.  
    5. Depending on the complexity of repair works required, additional charges may be necessary, but Home-A-Genius Pte. Ltd. shall seek consult and seek the consent of the client / Home Owner before imposing any additional charges.

    Maintainence Warranty

    Hardware replacements for Maintainence Services:
    1. Goods sold are subjected to 2 years warranty against hardware from the date of purchase
    2. Goods are not returnable after installation
    3. No charges for on site servicing within 6 months from date of purchase
    4. Technical service charges and transportation charges apply for servicing for subsequent 18 months


    Off-Site Support:
    1. Services will be rendered via WhatsApp or through our Facebook Chat Bot. Additional charges ($120/trip) applies if on-site services are required.
    2. Please note that this is a maintainence service. Warranty period only last for 1 month from date of installation.

    For full Terms & Conditions, kindly refer to http://www.homeagenius.sg/terms-and-conditions

    Please be nice to our installers & technicians

    1. Our installers are trained to complete the scope based on what the invoice states. Please be considerate if the installer do not complete your request as this request is chargable. 
    2. Requests that are chargable are payable upon completion of the job.
    3. Some jobs are tougher than the others, hence the pairing charges are higher. 
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