Vstarcam C33WIP Plus 720P Outdoor IP Camera
150.00 - 295.00
The Vstarcam C33WIP is the ideal IP camera for your outdoor security needs. Boasting a IP66 Waterproof rating, in addition to its 720p HD video support and a near 360-degree viewing angle, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home will be secured 24/7.
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* To use this camera with Home-A-Genius, subscribe to a |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/pricing/#upgrade-plans|||Voice or above||| plan to enable our Smart Camera feature
* With our Smart Camera feature, get alerts and video footages of the delivery man, intruders or even your parents loitering at your door steps
* Our Smart Camera feature also keeps all your videos to within your home compound and only records when changes are detected
* Unlock our |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/pricing/#smart-camera|||Smart Camera feature||| and after |||http://www.eye4.so/FAQ/eye4-5.0-en.pdf|||setting up||| the IP Camera with the Eye4 Mobile (Android, iOS) app, you can easily add the camera to your Home-A-Genius Hub with a few easy steps. |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/adding-triggers/#vstarcam|||Learn More||
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