Sonos One
329.00 - 364.00
For the true audiophile, Sonos One is the ultimate voice controller. A winning combination of function and style, this high-end device can be a centrepiece of your living area.

It can be paired to either Alexa or Google Assistant, as well as the host of services available on either platforms; command music on Spotify/Amazon Music/Youtube, and more.
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Coming soon
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* To use the Sonos One with Home-A-Genius, subscribe to a ||||||Voice or above||| plan to enable our Voice Controller & Remote Access feature
* With our Voice Controller feature, you can naturally command the Sonos One through either Alexa or Google Assistant to control your home. e.g. “Ok Google, turn off dining room” or “Alexa, set study room to 50%”. ||||||Learn More|||
*On Google Assistant, unlock our ||||||Voice Control feature||| and after ||||||setting up||| the Google Home Mini with your Google Home Mobile App, you can easily sync Google Assistant and your Home-A-Genius Hub with a few easy steps. ||||||Learn More|||
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