Amazon Echo (Gen 3)
Amazon Echo (Gen 3)
180.00 - 200.00
The Amazon Echo Dot (Gen 3) is a sleek voice controller that fits into any living space, with its unique fabric design. With an improved speaker quality over its predecessors, you can pair multiple Echos for stereo sound.

With Alexa, you’re able to connect to a host of services; play music on Spotify/Amazon Music, check the weather, set alarms and even control your smart home devices.
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* To use the Amazon Echo with Home-A-Genius, subscribe to a ||||||Voice or above||| plan to enable our Voice Controller & Remote Access feature
* With our Voice Controller feature, you can naturally command Alexa to control your home. e.g. “Alexa, turn off dining room” or “Alexa, set study room to 50%”. ||||||Learn More|||
* Unlock our ||||||Voice Control feature||| and after setting up||| the Echo with your Amazon account, you can sync Alexa and your Home-A-Genius Hub with a few easy steps. ||||||Learn More|||
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