Ideal for a typical 2 bedroom + 1 Living Room HDB flat in Singapore.

An all-in-one end to end solution comprising of :
- Hubs, smart devices and sensors (See package items)
- Items setup & pairing
- Training on Home-A-Genius (1h)
- 1 x Setup of automation for all rooms
- 1 year warranty for Home-A-Genius Hub and services

Automate your ceiling lights/fan, air-conditioners and more. Easily voice control your smart devices from anywhere at home.
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|||Package items||| : 
1 x ||||||Home-A-Genius Hub|||
1 x ||||||Sensors Kit|||
8 x ||||||Double Gang Smart Wall Switch|||*
2 x ||||||IR Blaster|||
Voice Controllers
1 x ||||||Amazon Echo Dot||| OR
1 x ||||||Google Home Mini|||
* Electrical works included. Our team will provide a professional electrician to install the smart switches (no re-wiring required).
|||Support||| : 
Check out our ||||||Knowledge Library||| to get started with Home-A-Genius
You may also ||||||Contact Us||| at any time for further queries
|||Warranty||| : 
Home-A-Genius Hub comes with a 1 year ||||||warranty|||. Should your Home-A-Genius Hub fail within the first 12 months of ownership, we will repair or replace your unit, free of charge.
|||Recommended Add-ons||| :
1. Maximize Wifi by adding an ||||||Almond 3||| - $260
- The foundation to every Smart Home is a strong wifi at every part of the home. The Almond 3 mesh router excels at this as 1 unit alone can provide good wifi coverage for up to 1300 sqft (More than sufficient for most typical HDB/Condominiums)
- It can also serve as a secondary smart home hub that supports a wide range of Zigbee or Z-Wave* devices
* An additional Z-Wave dongle ($100) is required to support Z-Wave smart devices
- Unlock the ||||||Who Is In feature|||* of Home-A-Genius. Home-A-Genius can use the Wi-Fi of connected mobile devices on your Almond to sense human presence at home. Receive alerts whenever nobody is home and, rooms are left on or doors are left open.
* ||||||Upgrade||| is required
- Inclusive of router setup, configuration and mini workshop on how to use it
2. Monitor and automatically record* videos of your love ones or check on visitors at the main door with an ||||||IP Camera||| - $90
- Inclusive of mounting, setup and configuration
* ||||||Upgrade||| is required
3. Maximize Surveillance by adding a ||||||Door Camera||| - $210
- Every Smart Home should be smart not just from the inside but also from the outside. Receive early alerts or warnings of delivery personnel, suspicious characters or intruder outside your home with a battery operated and elegant hook over door camera
- Set up in Home-A-Genius to receive an alert and view who is at the door every time someone rings the doorbell
- Inclusive of installation on main door, setup and configuration
4. ||||||Home-A-Genius Smart Floor Plan||| design & customization - $180
5. Home of the future ||||||Floor Plan Display & Control (with Alexa Hands-Free)||| - $300
- Touch screen display to impress your family and guest.
- Pre-configured with ||||||Home-A-Genius Smart Floor Plan||| and ideal for wall mounting to serve as a most visual scene controller for your home.
- Inclusive of mounting*, setup and configuration
* Mount not included
|||Additional Items & Setup fees (if applicable)|||:
Items can be added on upon request. Charges for pairing, unpairing (if any) and configuration applies. 
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