Starter Package (Xiaomi Aqara)
An entry level package to kick start your Smart Home journey. Ideal for studio apartments in Singapore.

Comprise of :
- Hubs, smart devices and sensors (See package items)
- Items setup & pairing
- 1 x Setup of automation for all rooms
- 1 year warranty for devices and services

Automate your ceiling lights/fan and more.
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Coming soon
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|||Package items||| : 
1 x Xiaomi Gateway (gen 2)
1 x Xiaomi Aqara Human body sensor
1 x Xiaomi Aqara Door/window sensor
1 x Xiaomi Aqara Wireless switch
4 x ||||||Xiaomi Aqara Double Gang Smart Wall Switch|||*
* Electrical works included. Our team will provide a professional electrician to install the smart switches (no re-wiring required).
* The Xiaomi Aqara Door Sensor can be used to turn on/off the lights whenever the door is open/close.
* Turn on/off the toilet lights whenever presence is detected by the Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor. 
* The Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Switch works best as a wireless doorbell trigger. Simply place the wireless switch outside your main door to trigger* sounds on your Xiaomi Gateway. You may even use the wireless switch to turn on/off the lights.
|||Support||| : 
||||||Contact Us||| at any time for further queries
|||Additional Items & Setup fees (if applicable)|||:
Items can be added on upon request. Charges for pairing, unpairing (if any) and configuration applies. 
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