Linksys Velop

Velop by Linksys is a whole home Wi-Fi system that works in perfect harmony to create a high-range mesh network. Unlike traditional routers with range extenders, Velop’s Tri-Band Wi-Fi system provides 100% Wi-Fi throughout your home. Each Node increases Wi-Fi range 2,000 sq. ft. and you can add more to grow your mesh network.*

Utilizing wireless mesh networking for whole home Wi-Fi, Velop Nodes seamlessly connect to one another and utilize a single SSID and password. There are no unsightly connecting cables, so you can place the sleek, compact Nodes in open spaces.
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More Details
Creates a high-range Wi-Fi network with 2,000 square feet of coverage for each Node*
Fast and easy setup using the Linksys app
Powered by Intelligent Mesh Technology that always optimizes for fastest path to the Internet
Modular system configures to every home shape and size—each Velop node is a powerful Tri-Band connection point you can place wherever needed
Velop carries a premium level of support and is backed by a three-year warranty, and a three-year tech support guarantee with a dedicated phone support line
Linksys App helps you closely monitor and manage your home Wi-Fi remotely using an iPhone or iPad
Parental controls help you ensure a safe Internet experience for your kids
Device prioritization lets you select devices that need the most speed
Auto-fix automatically selects the best channel for your device and eliminates congestion with the push of a button
Easily test and monitor your Internet connection's speed with to make sure you're getting full speed from your provider
Simple app-based setup uses the Linksys App, which also keeps you informed of network status and solves any Wi-Fi interruptions. Nodes are backed by a three-year limited warranty and tech support.
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