igloohome Smart Mortise Lock
Installation & Application setup included

1 year warranty

* Convenience of keyless access

* 4 modes of access
- Unlocks Via Bluetooth Key (on smartphone)
- Unlocks via PIN code
- Unlocks via physical key
- Unlocks via RFID card

* Mobile App
- Grant access to your home even when you're away

* Works Offline
* View Access Logs
* Security Lockout Mode
* Low Battery Warning
* Anti-Panic Exit System
* Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Prevention
* Tamper Alarm
* Emergency Power Supply
* Fire Alarm
* Volume Adjusting
* Sensor Re-lock when door is closed
Coming soon
Coming soon
More Details
The smart lock goes premium. Superior security and cutting-edge technology now comes in a premium form - the igloohome smart mortise lock. Manufactured in the best factories in South Korea, it is outstanding in quality, and comes packed with smart features.
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