Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Sensor
* Portable, small, and easy to install temperature and humidity sensor for home device automation

* Monitor the temperature and humidity in your bedroom to ensure your aircon is working correctly

* Monitor the temperature and humidity in camera dry box

* When coupled with the Home-A-Genius Hub, this sensor can be configured to control your smart devices. Turn on the air con or fan when temperature is above your desired temperature.
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Coming soon
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* After adding the sensor to the Mi Home Gateway, you can easily sync all devices from the Mi Home Gateway to your Home-A-Genius Hub with a few simple steps. |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/adding-triggers/#mihome|||Learn More|||
WEIGHT : 0.025 kg
DIMENSIONS : 8 x 7.7 x 1.3 cm
Wireless Chip : Zigbee
BRAND : Xiaomi
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