5 x SAFEVue Smart Plugs Bundle
50.00 - 100.00
* Highly affordable smart plugs that can make dumb appliances smart

* Remotely control hard-to-reach appliances and devices without built-in power ON/OFF switches at the push of a button

* Up to 80 Joules Surge protection for each power outlet to protect your appliance

* Registered with IDA and pass SAFETY standards

Teach a |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/store/products/181938-broadlink-rm-pro|||RF Blaster||| using the included remote to effectively pair the smart plugs with Home-A-Genius Hub and easily automate all appliances in the house.
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* Eliminate wasteful standby power and reduce energy use; save on your electric bills and extend product life by up to 15%
* Saves you the trouble of having to plug in and unplug your electric appliances to conserve energy consumption; a great assistant to the mobility impaired 
* Strong RF signal works through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics; operating from as far as 100 ft. in line of sight
* Built-in child protection feature; FCC approved for safety and quality assurance
Working Voltage for socket : 230 V~/50Hz
Transmission frequency : 433.92MHz Wireless Network
Max load power : 2300W
Power for controller : DC12V 23A battery
|||Package Includes|||:
5 x Wireless Smart Outlets
1 x Wireless Remote Control for the 5 Outlets
1 x 12V 23A battery for Remote Control
1 x User Manual
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