Home-A-Genius Hub
Smart Home Hub that allows you to integrate several smart home eco systems into a single application. Control the hub from any web browser at home. The intuitive visual interface, let's you start automating your home in minutes.

Create an all-in-one solution with several smart home modules. |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/hub|||Learn More|||

Powerful hardware coupled with full Windows 10 Pro, makes it also perfect for heavy word processing, high definition video streaming, and gaming.

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Works homogeneously with: 
|||https://www.homeagenius.sg/hub|||Learn more||| about the features that comes with the hub.
Add more features to set your smart home for maximum comfort with our affordable |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/pricing/#upgrade-plans|||upgrade plans|||.
|||Specifications||| : 
The Home-A-Genius Smart Home Hub fits in the palm of your hand. Built with (2) 3.0 ports, the Home-A-Genius Smart Home Hub allows for direct LAN connection with your home router, ensuring the most optimal network performance and stable connectivity with all your smart devices.
Customize your setup by connecting your personal mouse, keyboard, control, speakers and other accessories. 
• Equipped with the latest full version of Windows 10 Professional.
• The hub is driven by the all-new Intel Apollo Lake N3350 / N3450 processor. To ensure optimal performance, the hub offers 4GB of DDR3L RAM and a snappy 32GB storage flash drive. This powerful combination of hardware make's it also perfect for heavy word processing, high definition video streaming, and gaming.
|||What's supported||| : 
Mobile: iOS 9 and above (iPad and iPhone)
Web Browser: Chrome, Safari and Firefox
|||Support||| : 
Check out our |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/index|||Knowledge Library||| to get started with Home-A-Genius
You may also |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/about-us/#help|||Contact Us||| at any time for further queries
|||Warranty||| : 
Home-A-Genius Hub comes with a 1 year |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/warranty|||warranty|||. Should your Home-A-Genius Hub fail within the first 12 months of ownership, we will repair or replace your unit, free of charge.
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