Xiaomi Mi Smart Home-Aqara Sensors Kit
- Effective and affordable sensors for home automation.

Material: ABS
Rate Voltage: 100~240V AC
Wireless protocol: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, ZigBee

Gateway Features:
- Online Radio | 16 Millions Variable Colors Night Light
- Pre-installed MP3 ringtones that can be use as an alarm or doorbell
- Free to listen to the China radio broadcast network

Package includes:
- 1x Mi Home Gateway
- 1x Mi Home Human Body Sensor
- 1x Mi Home Door/Window Sensor
- 1x Mi Home Wireless Switch
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Coming soon
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* After adding the sensors to the Mi Home Gateway, you can easily sync all devices from the Mi Home Gateway to your Home-A-Genius Hub with a few simple steps. |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/adding-triggers/#mihome|||Learn More|||
* The Mi Home Door Sensor can be used to turn on/off* any devices synced with Home-A-Genius whenever the door is open/close.
* Turn on/off* the toilet lights whenever presence is detected by the Mi Home Motion Sensor. 
* The Mi Home Wireless Switch works best as a wireless doorbell trigger. Simply place the wireless switch outside your main door to trigger* sounds on your Mi Home Gateway. You may even use the wireless switch to turn on/off* any devices synced with Home-A-Genius.
|||https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkFF284OFRE|||Mi Home Gateway Installation/Setup Guide (Youtube)|||
Let your creativity flow with these sensors and Home-A-Genius.
* |||https://www.homeagenius.sg/start-automating|||Learn More||| on how to automate these sensors
|||Features||| :
Multifunction gateway
Temperature and humidity sensor
Intelligent socket
Human body sensor
Door and window sensor
Wireless switch
Xiaomi Multifunctional Smart Home Gateway
Online Radio | 16 Millions Variable Colors Night Light
Customized Bell | Remote Control
Connected with Other Smart Devices
Free to listen to the radio broadcast network
Through millet smart home App, listen to Himalaya online radio.
Music in the morning to wake up, warn sound with you sleep at night.
Online Radio FM Function
Night light, night to 16 million.
The gateway with colorful Nightlight, light color and brightness can be adjusted freely.
Built in light sensor, automatically turn off the night light when the light is sufficient,
Can someone realize the human body sensor collocation, after automatically turn on the cool features
16 Millions Changeable Colors Night Light
Built-in light sensor, the night light will auto open in low light conditions.
With a variety of intelligent accessories.
Can be connected to other smart accessories. Smart accessories can still work normally even when encountered in unstable WiFi or even being interrupted. Uses ZigBee protocol, that allows for faster response and smoother control.
Connected with Other Smart Devices to Get More Functions
Connected with Door sensor, lights and alerts you when open the door
Exquisite Design
Simple Installation - Plug and Play
Connects to WiFi
Form Color: Smart Home Suite 4 in 1
Quantity: 1 Set
Material: ABS
Rate Voltage: 100~240V AC
Power Adapter: Battery
Certification: China Quality Certification Center CQC certificate number: CMIIT ID:2016DP0274 CQC15001126021
Other Features: Wireless protocol: Wi-Fi 2.4 ZigBee, GHz; Internet Radio live; 16 million color night light; ringtone; Connect to other intelligent devices; Remote control
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