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Almond 3 is a smart home hub that doubles up as a powerful router. With a touchscreen interface, it is one of the easiest routers to set-up. It is equipped with a built-in Zigbee radio and support for Z-Wave, which enables it to wirelessly connect with a wide range of smart home devices.

The built-in Mesh Wifi allows you to strategically place multiple Almond 3 around your home to extend wifi coverage and ensure your home is free from dead spots.

- Powerful AC1200 Wi-Fi provides extensive area coverage of up till 1,300 sq. Ft
- Built-in programmable siren for home security
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Home-A-Genius is deeply integrated with Almond 3 allowing you to seamlessly sync all smart devices and sensors from your Almond to Home-A-Genius Hub. 
Check out the ||||||list of compatible smart devices||| with the Almond. We recommend to add-on the Almond 3 if you have existing ZigBee (or Z-Wave*) smart devices that is not yet supported by Home-A-Genius Hub.
* An additional Z-Wave dongle is required to support Z-Wave smart devices. ||||||Contact Us||| if you're keen to order one.
After pairing smart devices and sensors with your Almond 3, you can easily sync all of them from the Almond 3 to your Home-A-Genius Hub with a few simple steps. ||||||Learn More|||
The Almond 3 is also required to power the ||||||Who Is In feature|||* of Home-A-Genius. Home-A-Genius can use the Wi-Fi of connected devices on your Almond to sense human presence at home. *||||||Upgrade||| is required
||||||Learn More||| on what Who Is In can do for your smart home.
|||More features||| :
Almond makes Wi-Fi easy. Plug the first Almond 3 into your ISP’s modem. The other units just need power and will communicate with the first Almond 3 to create a single Wi-Fi network across your entire home.
Different homes, different Wi-Fi needs. One easy solution.
How a family’s yells can make it through any wall is an accepted fact. Wi-Fi signals on the other hand can struggle traveling from room to room. Sometimes concrete, glass and chicken wire (found inside historic home walls) diffuses or outright blocks a Wi-Fi signal. Other times it’s the layout of a home that makes it difficult to get a signal everywhere. This is exactly why we created the best Smart Home Wi-Fi System. The Almond 3 gives you not only what you want, but what you need: reliable Wi-Fi covering your entire home, no matter what you live in.
Home Wi-Fi network: 1, Wi-Fi Dead Zones: 0
To create a Home Wi-Fi network, setup two to three Almond 3 around your home. After the easy setup, the Almonds communicate with each other wirelessly or through Ethernet, if your home is already wired. Together they form a single Wi-Fi network across your whole home. So no more dead zones. No more annoying buffering. Just ultra-fast Wi-Fi in every room.
Easy Wi-Fi setup. Tough security. With Almond, you get both.
With the free Almond app, it’s easy to monitor your Home Wi-Fi Network. Receive instant notifications whenever any new device (phone, tablet or laptop) joins your network. Don’t want someone on your network or don’t recognize the device? Deny access with a swipe on your phone. Away on vacation or at work? No problem because you can always see what’s happening in real time. Want to keep your kids off their screens after their bedtime? Maybe limit their video gaming on school nights or on sunny days? Done and done. Almond automatically updates the latest security measures and software so it is always getting better without taking up any of your time.
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