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  • Welcome to Home-A-Genius,

    a Smart Home Enabler from Start to Finish.

    At Home-A-Genius, we believe that a truly smart home is more than just switching on and off the lights; we believe it should be a seamless integration between all your favourite household brands with one reliable smart platform. With it, we'll enable you to control the many possibilities within your smart home with your voice or the touch of a finger.


  • Our Smart Home Services

    A one-stop service to integrate limitless possibilities to make Singapore homes, smart.

    Smart Home Automation

    Automating your smart home in just 3 steps

    Automating your smart home in 3 easy steps with the help of Team Home-A-Genius. We not only provide a one-stop solution, but also ensure that the system gives you the flexibility to choose the devices/brands.

    Smart Camera

    View your CCTV in real-time from a single app

    Managing camera SD cards can be a hassle. With the Home-A-Genius Hub, it can automatically detect movement from your cameras and record them all in one place.


    Smart Lights & Entertainment

    Integrate with choice

    Build your room with smart lights that illuminates to the beat of your favourite tunes. The Home-A-Genius Hub supports various smart lights from different brands; dim or change the colour all through a single app.


    Smart Curtains & Blinds

    In collaboration with MC.2

    Motorised curtains aren't smart enough.

    Team Home-A-Genius partnered with MC.2 to provide you with smart curtains and blinds built to impress and last.



    Smart Locks

    In collaboration with igloohome

    Fancy a Smart Lock/Smart Home system that is safe and secure at the same time?

    Team Home-A-Genius & Team igloohome have came up with a digital solution that allows you to send a One-Time pin to (only) your loved ones/friends.

    Networking Solutions

    A strong network, made possible with a strong WiFi

    Full-strength WiFi signal throughout your home, making it perfect for powering any and all smart devices, including your voice-controlled items.

  • Our Home-A-Genius Assurance

    We, as the authorised dealer for all the devices in our Smart Home packages, will provide a 12-month warranty for our services, devices and installation.

  • Making your home Smart through us

    It's no longer a pipe dream; envision your future living in a high-tech home.


    Clutter-free Thoughts

    Is your life filled with routine and menial tasks -- switching on the lights when you enter a room, or having to search for your keys when you reach your door?


    Declutter your thoughts smartly


    Energy Saving

    Lower your electricity bill by setting routines to switch off your non-essential devices when you fall asleep. 


    Save Energy smartly


    Ultimate Convenience

    Forgot to turn down the blinds when it's raining?

    Save the trip back by controlling your devices remotely.


    Rule out anxiety


    Monitor with Ease

    Monitor your home from wherever you are, through CCTV, quick buttons or our smart floor plan.


    Monitor effectively

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  • Our Testimonials

    Hear from our Smart Home Users!

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    Josh & Emily, a young couple and their cat (Scaredy), recently moved into their smart home in the last two months. Hear what they have to say about transitioning into a smart home and how smart homes have changed their lifestyle.

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    Smart homes integrate a greater degree of technology into our daily lives. With all the smart devices within the home, see how your young ones get to interact and learn more about the smart home technology that they'll grow up with.

  • Our Partners

    We have a strong integration and partnership with the following brands.

    MC2 | Smart Blinds | Smart Curtains | Smart Ziptrak | Outdoor Balcony Blinds | Ziptrack
    Yeelight Singapore|Smart Light| Light System|

    Local Distributor for:

    Azulle | Smart Home stick | Computing Stick | Smart Home Automation
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