• Your Next Switch is

    more than just a Switch.

    It’s a Smart Switch.

  • The Smarter Switch That Will Change Your Home

    In Singapore

    Presenting Singapore’s latest innovation;
    the Home-A-Genius Smarter Switch.

    It is specially designed to break old boundaries and traditions. The
    perfect fusion of technology, functionality and aesthetic is finally here!

  • The Most Convenient
    Remote & Scene Control

    One device to have full control of
    your home. No more complicated
    phone applications and endless

    The Sleekest
    Digital Panel Yet

    Do away with your old fashion
    buttons now and have an
    organised switch system that is
    presented to you in the simplest

    Easy to Use

    With its simple and user
    friendly interface, everyone at
    home can use it with ease.

    Works with many smart brands too

  • Think you know
    all about Smart Switches?

    We Bring it smarter.

    The Research Team at Home-A-Genius first takes into consideration how we use our room daily from controlling switches, lights, air-condition, television or even your curtains. Next, we set up the functionalities on a Mini Pad Switch (MPS) that mirrors the Main Touchpad (MT) that helps to assign various controls designed specifically for users.


    Life with Home-A-Genius switches is like relying on autopilot, your home thinks for you. If you ever want to create a cinematic experience at home and enjoy a movie with your family and friends, it’s just ‘One-Touch’ away.

  • Smart switch,Smart control.


    No more running around to off all your lights.

    All your home lights can now be activated and controlled from this digital panel.


    Need the Living Room to be cool before your Guests come?

    The Home-A-Genius Smarter Switch allows presets that can get your air-conditioner on with no hassle!

  • Want to watch a movie at home
    in a cinematic environment?

    Now you can simply transform your home’s into a cinema with a single touch. These ambience settings can be changed within seconds with just a button. Lights Off! Curtains Drawn! Speakers Volume Up! Show’s Starting!

    Or even see who is outside your door!

  • Dare to be Different.

    Time to Switch

    The Home-A-Genius Smarter Switch design emphasises on the essentials. There’s no wasted space, just a modern switch that complements any modern interior space that makes your life better.


    Make an appointment to visit our showroom to find out more for Home-A-Genius Smarter Switch

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