• Most common Smart Devices / Appliances in Singapore!

  • Smart Light Controls

    Upgrade your remote control lights with smart lights--with smart home automation.

    Dimmable Lights

    Optimal smart home system for rooms that require light dimmer solutions especially when children are tucked in during bedtime.

    "Ok Google, set Study Room brightness to 10%"

    Smart Lights Installation | Philips Hue Installation | Yeelight Installation | Smart Switch Installation

    Rhythm Module | Music Visualizer

    Spice up your blank wall with music-sensing lights. These lights change with music rhythm, amusing kids and even adults.


    Comes with cool lighting designs.

    Read more about our Nanoleaf shoutout here!

    "Ok Google, Turn On Music Mode"

    Philips Hue | Smart Lights | Light Control | Mi Home Lights | Yeelights | Ikea Tradfri Lights

    RGBW Colour Lights

    Light up your walls with beautiful RGB colors, and convert them to white lights for work mode.


    Spice 'em up with smart light bulbs, RGBW LED lighting or a simple smart light/smart lamp.

    "Ok Google, set Master Bedroom to Blue"

    Philips Hue | Smart Lights | Light Control | Mi Home Lights | Yeelights | Ikea Tradfri Lights

    Various Shades of White

    Control your smart lights through smart light bulbs or smart switches.


    Change from cool white to warm white through voice control or the Home-A-Genius smart home app.

    "Ok Google, set Home Theatre to warm white"

  • Smart Lights x Home-A-Genius

    Lights that work with Home-A-Genius

    Philips Home Lighting
    Ikea TRÅDFRI
    mi home smart lights | Mi Home Bedside lamp | Mi Home Desk Lamp
    Nanoleaf | Smart Lights | Light Control | Music Visualiser

    Supported Voice Assistants

  • Control lights from various brands with a single command, a single touch, on a single app

    all on Home-A-Genius Smart Floorplan

  • Smarter Light

    Not your ordinary smart home light

    A switch point for your smart light

    Long Press to dim

    Includes a switch point for easy access


    Lights up even when system is down


    App Control even when light switch is off


    Simple & intuitive automated lighting system for all users

    Convert smart home light settings from a work corner to a lounge area


    Easily toggle lights on/off, change white ambiance from warm white back to cool white

    Designer light fittings available for smarter control, including LED light strip, down light, wall light, and many more


    Connect up to 6 smart home light within a circuit for a more optimized solution


    Experience smart home lighting system with zero flickering issues even at 1% dimness


    Light consultation by a light consultant

    Enhance Your Lifestyle with Circadian Rhythm Program

    Circadian lighting influences our sleep cycle and brain function because light is instrumental in regulating circadian rhythm, our bodies’ internal clock that tells us when to be alert or when to rest.


    Scientific research has shown that the right lighting, as well as matching the lighting in our home to the sun’s natural shades can make one feel happier and healthier.


    Smarter Light’s Circadian Rhythm Program ensures a seamless transition from sleeping to waking.


    Stimulates a slow, gentle sunrise to ease you out of bed in the morning.


    A warm yellow glow can be changed into a bright blue-white light similar to that of the sun at noon – stimulating your brain, increasing alertness, and enhancing your mood and productivity.


    In the late afternoon, the automated lighting system will dim and change colour tone to warm to signal our bodies that it is time to relax.


    Our smart home lighting system will automatically change the colours in the background. Users do not have to change them manually.

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  • Dim & Tune with our Smarter Lights

    Aesthetically pleasing

    Our Smarter Light comes in more than 50 designs, giving you options to match up to your desired look & feel

    Switch point for every smart light

    Having a switch point only ensures your family's safety. Our Smart Lights will not be "cut off" from electrical current if the switch point is turned "off"

    Optimized IoT Protocol

    We understand the importance of Wi-Fi and device throttling so we made our Smart lights run on Zigbee. Also, we reduced the need to connect by allowing for 1 connection to more than 1 light.

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