• Media Musings

    Look ma, we're on TV.

    Review by TechnoBabble!

    A really cool run down of our idea/concept of #smarthome in #Singapore, including pros & cons of having various #smarttech in our homes.

    MC.2 x Home-A-Genius Grand Opening

    Experience the Thunder, Rainbow & the Stars all at once in our Grand Opening!

    N.O.C Smart Home Implementation

    Implemented a two-floor penthouse for Ryan & Sylvia (and Porky). See how a simple home became a smart one through some of our devices!

    Feature in Augustman

    Find out what goes into a Smart Home!


    Feature on CNA #Gadg(AID)

    See how smart home technology has helped Tamimi become independent despite his disabilities.

    Post on Renonation

    Check out how to conserve energy with a Smart Home!

    Exhibited at COMEX 2019

    Thousands watched and experience our smart home exhibits during COMEX 2019 at Suntec Convention Centre!

    Qanvast Smart Home

    Feature on Qanvast

    Qanvast Smart Home

    Enabling people with disabilities: More S'pore companies designing assistive devices

  • Customer Testimonials

    Hear from our Smart Home Users!

    Joshua & Emily's Smart Home Interview

    Josh & Emily, a young couple and their cat (Scaredy), moved into their smart home two months ago. Hear what they have to say about transitioning into a smart home and how smart homes have changed their lifestyle.

    Sera, Hrng & Fey's Smart Home Interview

    Smart homes integrate a greater degree of technology into our daily lives. With all the smart devices within the home, see how your young ones get to interact and learn more about the smart home technology that they'll grow up with.

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