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    More than just generating smart home ideas, we make them come true.

  • Sera's Smart Home Review

    Working mum with two kids and a helper.

    Learn how can a smart home help manage a family even off site.

    Joshua & Emily Interview

    Young couple recently moved into their newly renovated smart home with their pet cat.

    Learn how home automation has changed their lives and their view on technology.

    A day with Home-A-Genius

    See how we can integrate technology into our daily life

    What is Home-A-Genius

    Understand our all-in-one app.

    Schedule & Routines

    Scheduling & routines will be created based on your needs & requirements

  • Taking care of your
    Smart Home in phases

    We take great pride in being able to deliver and professionally support you during every stage of your smart home project. For a smart home solution be truly successful and cost-efficient, it is crucial that the system should be (1) correctly specified from day one, (2) installed and commissioned the right way, and (3) properly maintained. Our service offering covers every phase of the smart home solution’s life cycle. From early planning, to maintenance and modernization – securing the systems lifetime and optimal performance – and our local support team will play different roles in different stages.

    1. Planning


    Design & Device Layout

    Network Optimization

    Energy Saving Planning

    2. Installation

    Electrical Works




    3. Maintenance


    System Optimization

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