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    Smart Curtain Control for Standard Window

    15% off for a limited time only

    Google Home Mini Review

    Thinking of getting one? See here for more info!

    Amazon Echo Dot

    Voice Controller review for your Smart Home

    Yeelight Ceiling Light

    One of the best Smart light for you

    Smart Curtains

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    All packages comes with 1 year warranty for all devices and installation

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  • Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit
    Mi Home Bedside Lamp
    Nanoleaf Smarter Kit
    Smart Motorised Blinds
    Yeelight Pendant Light
    Smart Curtain Control (Battery Powered Motor)
    Wide Angle Wireless Package (Main Door Monitoring)
    Wide Angle Wireless Package
    Starter Package (Xiaomi Aqara)
    Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp
    Yeelight LED Ceiling Light
    $100.00 - $125.00
    igloohome Smart Mortise Lock
    igloohome Deadbolt 2S
    Smart Curtain Control for Standard Window (Xiaomi Aqara)
    $490.00 - $600.00
    Floor Plan Display & Control (with Alexa Hands-Free)
    Yeelight E27 Color Bulb
    Home-A-Genius All-in-One (Pro) Package
    Home-A-Genius All-in-One Package
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