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    Smart Home in phases

    We take great pride in being able to deliver and professionally support you during every stage of your smart home project. For a solution to be truly successful and cost-efficient, it is crucial that the system should be (1) correctly specified from day one, (2) installed and commissioned the right way, and (3) properly maintained. Our service offering covers every phase of the solution’s life cycle. From early planning, to maintenance and modernization – securing the systems lifetime and optimal performance – and our local support team will play different roles in different stages.



    Design & Positioning

    Network Optimization


    Electrical Works






    System Optimization

  • Planning

    Consulting: Every family have different habits as well as every home have different design. We offer complementary one-off site visit to gather our client's needs and share advice on how to prepare the house for a smart home.


    Design: For renovating homes, we can analyze and propose the best location for smart switches and surveillance cameras by marking on client's floor plan. We can also work with client's interior designer to ensure the technology works cohesively with the home design.

    Additionally, we offer the service to design and build a smart floor plan based on the final home layout.


    Network Optimization: The foundation to every smart home is a single strong wifi network. Wifi dead spots can be an inconvenience to the family's Internet access and hamper smart devices from working properly. As such, we will propose addition of data points if necessary and provide solutions for mesh routers or access points to maximize the wifi coverage of the home.

  • Installation &


    Electrical Works: Sharing the same vision as what Home-A-Genius represents, our team of professional electrical engineers will take great care to ensure the proper installation of smart switches and cameras, avoiding wiring congestions and damage to wall structures or furniture.


    Integration: Finally, the exciting day to bring the smart home to life is here. Our software engineer and analyst will spend a day in the client's home to pair all smart devices and sensors to Home-A-Genius and create the first level of automations to ensure the lights, fans, air conditioner and more are well organized into a single intuitive app. Clients can easily control their home from Web, phone, tablets or even via voice control.


    Commissioning: Our system analyst will perform several rounds of test to ensure Home-A-Genius is fully operational and performing in accordance to design and requirements specified by the client.


    Workshop: Once Home-A-Genius is ready, training will also be held to guide home owners on how to navigate around Home-A-Genius platform. Pointers will also be shared for proper performance of smart devices to extend the lifespan of the system.

  • Maintenance &


    Warranty: After installation, 1 year of warranty is provide to rectify any inherent software and hardware defects.

    Additional 2 site visits within 1 year from installation will also be provided to adjust and optimize system settings and functionality.


    Hardware Modernization: We offer flexible modernization solutions ranging from replacement of faulty components due to wear and tear to full replacement of the system. As client's needs evolve over time, we keep our inventory fresh and up-to-date to offer clients new smart devices for future proofing.


    Software Modernization: We keep our software future proof with our unique and innovative upgrade plans.






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