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    Smart Camera

    Records Smartly, Alerts Smartly

    Get alerts and video footages of the delivery man, intruders or even your parents loitering at your door steps.


    Monitor your pets, baby or love ones when you are away from home.


    Home-A-Genius Smart Camera feature also securely keeps all camera videos within the hub and within your home compound, intelligently recording video only when changes are detected.

    Who is in

    Forget to off or close something?

    Home-A-Genius keeps track of the number of people at home and alerts you whenever nobody is home and, rooms are left on or doors are left open.


    Check who is home from your mobile devices at any time and anywhere.

    * Feature is only applicable if an Almond 3 is added to Home-A-Genius Hub

    Local News Feed

    Get news instantly when you need it most

    Tune into your preferred local news as and when you need from our Mobile Smart Home Assistant or Alexa.


    Home-A-Genius can also automatically alert your mobile phone of the latest news whenever you turn on the dining room for breakfast.

    Weather Sense

    Comfort that suits the environment

    Tuned to the local weather station, Home-A-Genius intelligently adjust your lighting based on weather changes or adjust the air-conditioner and fan based on the outside temperature.


    You may also set to receive voice feedback or mobile alerts to bring in the clothing or take an umbrella when rain is approaching.

    Find My Phone

    Finds necessity, Finds the phone

    Simply press a wireless button or ask Home-A-Genius through your voice controller to find your phone; in case you've lost your phone somewhere within the house.


    Home-A-Genius intelligently dials your mobile phone to find your phone.


    In case of an unwelcome visitor, discretely alert a love one with a distress voice call message by pressing a wireless button under the table.

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