• Who is in?

    Who is in is a feature provided by Securifi. This feature works by identifying the MAC address of the user's device. Usually we will tag the mobile phone as the mobile phone is inseparable from the individual :)
    Home-A-Genius will recognize the device's name and its corresponding MAC address. Since Almond3/Almond+ will be used as the main router for the home, devices connected to it will be identified and tracked. Simply put, user's device connected to network, will represent the individual as back home.

    The process is relatively simple:


    • Select the + sign to add a person 
    • Enter the First and Last name, Relationship, mobile number of the user.
    • Select the user’s device to be tagged. 
    • Select if home should be notified if user is home. 
    • Select Save
    Member's settings will be saved in the device you can now track if the family member has returned home /left the house through the wifi connection.
  • Backup & Restore

    Every home is unique, hence all automation created and stored in Home-A-Genius is painstakingly created for each family. We understand the complications for losing these settings and have created a cloud backup for our clients. This is only applicable for users who sign up for our cloud package


    Go to Settings


    Go to backup/ restore data



  • Smart Assistant

    We have incorporated a Smart Assistant feature in our iOS app; we believe in giving our clients every means to control their homes, including voice controlled smart assistant. You can read more about it from this blog.
    You can use the smart assistant both remotely and within the network. There are 2 ways to initialise Home-A-Genius Smart Assistant. 1. widget, 2. through the iOS application.

    Access via Widget

    Widget allows for quick access when you need it. e.g. when you are driving a car and would like to focus on the roads more. you will need the widget,


    To activate Smart Assistant from the widget, swipe left on any page on your iPhone. Select the microphone icon on the top most of your widget and you will be directed to the Home-A-Genius Smart Assistant page.

    Access via Home-A-Genius iOS App

    Activate Home-A-Genius iOS Application and select the microphone icon on the top right corner of the Overview page. You will be directed to the Home-A-Genius Smart Assistant page.

    Once in the Home-A-Genius Smart Assistant page, you can speak or type the commands.


    By default, Home-A-Genius Smart Assistant will "speak". To mute the the smart assistant, select the speaker on the top right corner of the application, You can unmute through the same way too.


    By default, Home-A-Genius Smart Assistant will be set to listen to your commands after every announcement. you can turn off its listening capabilities by deselecting the microphone icon at the bottom right of the application,


    To start off, you may request for help from Home-A-Genius Smart Assistant - this will trigger the list of questions you can ask Home-A-Genius.

    Note that Home-A-Genius Smart Assistant can accept multiple commands at once.


    e.g. Turn on Dining room kitchen living room and cat room.

    What else can the Smart Assistant do?

    Ask Home-A-Genius to set reminder

    Ask Home-A-Genius to turn on or off something in 5 minutes.

    Mixed commands: Turn on Dining room, TV and tell me the news

  • Renaming your devices

    There may be times where you would like to place your devices in different places or reassign it to work on different task. Here is how you can rename your items.

    2 ways to update your devices from the devices page:

    1. Click on the tag on the bottom left of the box (as shown on the right)


    2. Click on the down arrow and select on "Tag" as shown on the right.

  • More Questions?

    Find out more here!


    If your queries cannot be found, feel free to contact us.

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