• More than just Smart Switches and Lighting

    No need for Google Assistant as a secondary hub.

    Smart Home with Smart TV Remote function

    Android Smart TV Remote

    Use the Home-A-Genius In-App Smart TV remote to control your Android TV. Not just a simple IR Blaster controller, but an app specific command!

    Applicable for all Android, Swosh, Sony and LG Smart TV
    Sonos Integration | Smart Music Player | Smart Home Automation

    Sonos Integration

    Listen to your favourite music or change your choice of music on the Home-A-Genius App. No need Google to be the app in the middle.

    Outdoor Gate Intercom Integration

    Open your gates directly on your Home-A-Genius application. No additional switches needed, just a plain, simple intercom station. Home-A-Genius also connects seamlessly with HikVision Intercom, the top CCTV & Intercom brand in the world.


    Data cables required for a simple reason - ensure connectivity and power to the device.

    Robot Vacuum Integration

    Leaving home made simple with robot vacuum integration. With all-in-one application, you can leave home and get your home to work at the same time.

    Supported Models: Top 2 brands in Singapore Roborock & Ecovacs

    Ceiling Fan Integration

    We can do more than just on/off for our ceiling fans. In Home-A-Genius, a 2-step ceiling fan automation allows you to control fan speed accordingly.

    Smart Lights | Nanoleaf | Yeelight | Philips HUE

    Smart Air Con

    Own an iSmile series? We are able to link up to Daikin iSmile series locally. Control your AC temperature & fan speed directly via the Home-A-Genius app.


    NEW: Get bi-directional feedback from your aircon with <1s lag time, even if your household members use the remote to power on/off the aircon.


    Alternatively, we can always use the IR blaster to power up your aircon locally!

    Curtain & Blinds Integration

    Do not be limited by just 1 curtain/blinds motor! Be free to purchase curtain/blinds from Somfy, A-OK, or Dooya! Best of all, local integration. No need to worry about server downtime!


    NEW: Open/close veins on Venetian blinds at your command!

    Outdoor CCTV Camera

    Home-A-Genius integrates with the top CCTV brand in the world - HikVision. HikVision provides a wide range of CCTV, allowing for both indoor/outdoor, PTZ and even audio in/out options.


    View all frames within a single app without exiting Home-A-Genius app.

    Smart Appliances

    Home-A-Genius integrates with smart appliances from BOSCH & Dyson. Link up with appliances freely!


    Take a look at our BOSCH Showroom revamp!
    Smart Lights | Nanoleaf | Yeelight | Philips HUE

    Smart Lights

    Being able to dim and tune with different lighting brands such as Yeelight, Philips HUE and Nanoleaf should be an entitlement to any smart home owner.


    Have the flexibility to change colors freely without being tied to a single option. Best of all, Home-A-Genius allows for in-app dim & tune; no need for Google Home to be the middleman.

    Smart Lights | Nanoleaf | Yeelight | Philips HUE

    Switchbot Integration

    Retrofit solution if you wish to do without Neutral wire. Alternative to smart heater solution.


    Require a Switchbot hub that doubles up as an IR blaster.

  • Smart Floor plan | Smart Home App |

    Control smart devices from various brands with a single command, a single touch, on a single app

    all on Home-A-Genius Smart Floorplan

  • More Smart home ideas?


  • Most common smart devices that we automate

    Smart Dimmer

    Dimmable Downlights, Tracklights and more

    Temperature Control

    Air-con, Fan, IR & RF Blasters

    Smart Heater

    Ariston, Heater Switches

    Smart Appliances

    Bosch Appliances, Mi Vacuum, air purifier, fans and more

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