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  • Non-Neutral In-Wall Relay Solution

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    Easy Relay is a No-Neutral Smart Lighting Product for every home, of any age, both new-build and retrofitting projects.

    Comprised of a smart relay and a smart switch, the Easy Relay supports all kinds of switch panels and can convert any single or multi-bulb setup into intelligent lighting systems. You can control your lights with your conventional switch panels or wirelessly with a voice (Alexa, Google or Siri), with a tap, or Home-A-Genius App.




  • Always Online and Connected, Even If The Wall Switch is Turned Off

    Most smart light bulbs and smart relays in the market become offline if the connected wall switch is turned off. Thanks to its unique design, the Easy Relay has perfectly resolved the problem——It enables smart lighting to remain connected and online, even if the wall switch is turned off.

    No Neutral, No Problem

    Unlike other home smart light switches, the Easy Relay is a no neutral wire required smart switch. Without requiring a neutral wire, a vast number of people around the world can enjoy the convenience of smart lights, without spending a fortune to rewire the electrical wires inside walls and ceilings.

    Works with All Types of Switch Panels

    Easy Relay works with three types of light switch panels: momentary push buttons, toggle switches, and smart remote buttons. You can enjoy the convenience of smart lighting without the need of changing your original light switch panels and hereby avoid damaging the existing interior design style.

    Support Any Lights Bulbs

    The Easy Relay will most likely work with your voltage requirement and light fixtures. It supports input voltages between AC 85V-240V and different lights: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lights.

    Hardwired 4-Way Control with No Limit

    Easy Relay enables you to control your lights wirelessly and by using the traditional switch panels at the same time. Supporting hardwired 3-Way or 4-Way system, you can control same light fixture from multiple conventional switch panels. In addition, you can also control various light fixtures from one location.

    Don't forget to create automation(the scenes) you want or use your voice to turn your lights on and off. You could use your favorite voice assistants, e.g. Alexa, to control your lights, based on the hub you used.

    Built-in Power Failure Memory

    Easy Relay maintains the state before the power failure, if it was off before the power was off, it will remain off after power on.

  • Zero Flickering

    The Easy Relay is connected to the neutral wire hence, the solution does not have a minimum load.

    No Neutral Wire, No Hacking

    Only need an electrician to install the Easy Relay and the Sub-Assembly.

    Incredibly small

    No need to hack the switch boxes so deep to make your home smart!

    Choose your switch design

    Be free to choose any switch design of your choice as this solution allows you to use even normal switches.

  • Easy Relay

    Product Size (L*W*H): 59.4 * 39.3 * 21.2mm

    Input Voltage: AC 85V~245V

    Min. Load Power: No limit

    Max. Load power: AC 220V/1500W Resistive load

    Operating Temperature:

    Operating: 0~40°C;

    Storage: -20~85℃;


    Wireless Connectivity: Zigbee 2.4GHz

    Wireless Profile: Zigbee 3.0

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