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    Cutting edge Smart Home Technology straight from your home

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    Amazon Alexa | Amazon Echo Dot | Amazon Echo | Smart Home Assistant | Voice Controller
    IFTTT | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Asisstant
    Voice Assistant | Smart Home Assistant | Apple Home Kit | Siri | Voice Controller
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    Connects a wide range of smart home gadgets all in a single smart home app

    Integrated open platform that works wirelessly and locally* with many reputable smart home systems. Easily add smart devices and smart sensors to begin your smart home automation journey.


    * Works locally on your home network allow you to maintain control over your smart home devices and smart home sensor even when internet is down

    Intuitive Visual Interface for smart home automation

    In the past, smart home automation/smart home logic, was done by writing codes or creating messy smart home rules. Now, we allow for drag and drop home automation rule creation.

    Easy to use UI | Simple Logic Setup | Smart home mobile App | Smart home assistant

    Drag & Drop Smart Home Automation Engine

    Now, anyone can easily create Rooms, Scenes or Routine smart home automation via the drag-and-drop UI. Home-A-Genius will do the rest and logically automate them for you.

  • Home of the future Smart Floor Plan display

    Impress your family and friends with your own personalized smart home floor plan to control the rooms in your home.


    Dynamically updates in real time to show you if any rooms are on. Ideal for a quick check of your home before you leave the house or go to bed.

    Smart Floor Plan | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home System

    * Additional charges applies for design and customization of floor plan

  • Smart Voice Assistant | Google Home | Google Assistant | Amazon Alexa | Alexa Echo Dot

    Voice Control | Voice Automation

    Hands-free, Fuss Free

    Envious of Iron Man and Jarvis? Place Amazon Echos or Google Homes at every room and you can activate voice control hands-free from any where at home.


    What's more, with our Google Assistant Smart Home App and Alexa Smart Home Skill, you can naturally tell Google or Alexa: "Turn off the Kitchen" or

    "Set the Living Room to 20%"

  • Remote Access

    Control your home from anywhere in the world

    Have the flexibility to be forgetful with Home-A-Genius. Your smart home devices, CCTV cameras, rooms and more can be controlled via your smart home mobile app even when you are miles away.


    Simply tap your smartphones for unlimited smart home connections.

    Smart Home Hub Remote Access | Smart Home System | Smart Home Automation
  • Integration with Smart Home Devices

    Smart Light | Smart Home Entertainment | Smart Vacuum Integration

    Smart Light Integration | Philips Hue Installation | Yeelights Installation | Remote Control Lights

    Smart Lighting & Entertainment

    Home-A-Genius supports multiple brands of smart lights like Yeelight, Philips Hue and IKEA Tradfri. Dim or change their color anyway you like all through your smartphone. With Home-A-Genius, your smart lights are more than just a simple remote control lights system.


    Spotify and Chromecast integration also lets you create automation for a party to set your smart lights and play music or cast TV channels.

  • Smart Vacuum Integration

    Turn off all lights and start the robot cleaner just before you leave home. Home-A-Genius is integrated with the leading intelligent robot cleaner, Xiaomi Roborock.


    Elevate smart home technology by making your smart home devices work for you.

    Roborock Integration | Mi Home Integration | Smart Vacuum Integration

    * An additional small fee applies to unlock this feature

  • Smart Home Hub Features

    Smart Home Hub | Smart Home System | Smart Assistant

    Make your Home talk to you

    Connect any speakers via the 3.5mm port and make Home-A-Genius greet you when the main door is open or announce to bring in the clothes when rain is approaching. You can fully customize Home-A-Genius to say anything as a voice feedback.

  • Routines & Schedules

    Schedule your devices at any preferred day, hour or minute. Easily create morning routines with an intuitive visual interface.

    Smart Home Automation | Smart home Routines & Schedules
  • Smart Home Hub History Log

    Activity History

    A time machine of your home

    Go back in time to find out what are the activities captured by all your sensors and devices. Get details of what time the main door was open or from what time the lights were on.

  • Home Reporting & Analytics

    Request or receive a comprehensive Home Report of rooms that are on, doors that are open and rooms that are on the longest over the day.


    Quickly analyze your room usage over time with the help of beautiful and dynamic graphs.

    Smart home report & analytics | Smart Home Hub | Smart home Automation
  • Smart Home UI | Smart Home Quick Button

    Responsive & Advance iOS Mobile App

    Coupling Home-A-Genius Hub and iOS App, unlocks an entire Home control, easily accessible Quick Button Widget, Push Notifications and an advance Smart Home Assistant all on your phone or tablet. Learn More.

  • Smart Home Integrated with IFTTT | Smart Home Hub | Smart Home Integration

    Unlock additional actions with IFTTT

    Advance users can enable additional actions like texting a message and much more, with IFTTT and Home-A-Genius.


    Cloud Backup

    While our hub works on edge computing, we also allow for cloud backup to allow for system restoration if need be.


    Latest settings on smart home gadgets, rooms, schedules and routines will be saved in the cloud. In case of any hardware upgrade/failures, you can simply restore your settings based on the latest backup

    Smart Home Cloud Backup | Smart Home hub | Smart Home Integration

    Smart Home Hub Specifications

    Smart home Hub Details | Smart home Solution

    The Home-A-Genius Smart Home Hub fits in the palm of your hand. Built with (2) 3.0 ports, the Home-A-Genius Smart Home Hub allows for direct LAN connection with your home router, ensuring the most optimal network performance and stable connectivity with all your smart devices.


    Customize your setup by connecting your personal mouse, keyboard, control, speakers and other accessories.


    • Equipped with the latest full version of Windows 10 Professional.

    • The hub is driven by the all-new Intel Apollo Lake N3350 / N3450 processor. To ensure optimal performance, the hub offers 4GB of DDR3L RAM and a snappy 32GB storage flash drive. This powerful combination of hardware make's it also perfect for heavy word processing, high definition video streaming, and gaming.


    Supported Mobile: iPhone/iPad iOS 9+ or Android 4.4 and up

    Supported Web Browser: Chrome, Safari and Firefox

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