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    Welcome, the new owner of #HomeAGenius system. You may have already gotten to know about Home-A-Genius and now, it's time to get your hands dirty with some #automation and logic creation for your new smart home.










    Setting up your Home-A-Genius Hub

    After unboxing your shiny new Home-A-Genius Hub, you will find 3 key items in the box:

    1. Hub Stick
    2. 5V/3A Power Adaptor
    3. Ethernet Cable

    Plug the power adaptor to a power supply to a free outlet socket and plug the other end to the hub stick.


    Connect the ethernet cable to your home router and connect the other end to the hub stick.


    * For security reasons, if your router supports it, we recommend setting Home-A-Genius hub and all other smart home hubs on a different network from your regular web surfing, gaming or guest network.


    If you have an available speaker, we recommend connecting the speaker to the 3.5mm port of the hub stick. This will allow Home-A-Genius to talk to you and your family.

    Now, turn on the hub stick by holding for 1s and releasing. Home-A-Genius is now alive.


    If you have a speaker connected, you should soon hear a greeting message from Home-A-Genius signalling that you can now go to any web browser to start automating with Home-A-Genius.


    Make sure the web browser is connected to the same home network as Home-A-Genius. Visit https://homeagenius.local:2001/, and you should see a refreshing Launch page.

    Note that for your first visit, you may receive a warning message, saying that "Your connection is not Private". Don't worry, simply go to Advanced > Proceed to homeagenius.local


    At the Launch page, feel free to read the tips and click Launch whenever you are ready. After agreeing to the licence agreement, Home-A-Genius will ask you for your name as this will be how he/she will address you. Go ahead and enter a name. Once done, sit back and enjoy our quick tutorial walkthrough.

    Left Panel

    On the left-hand panel, you will see the toggle button (boxed up in red) at the bottom corner. The tutorial button is meant to assist you when you need immediate help. This button only has concise information. To allow for a deeper, in-depth understanding, this document would be the best option. At any time, should you require an online tutorial, you may toggle this button.



    'Overview': Go back to the main page.

    'Devices': Displays your smart hubs, brand of the devices, and the various devices connected to it.

    'Triggers': Displays the devices that can initiate an automation; e.g. voice controllers, IP cameras, motion sensors, or door sensors.

    'Automation': Holds all the logic of your home. Automation is categorised into Rooms, Scenes and Routines. Further explanation can be found in subsequent FAQ Posts.



    Quick Buttons

    Quick Buttons are used when you need to quickly access the action. There will be an option on how to include the automation as a quick button.


    Buttons will be shown in green if room/scene is turned on.

    To view details of the room/scene, select the triangle on the top right corner of the room/scene.

    The logo on the bottom right of the room/scene shows the different devices connected to the room/scene. A mouseover will display a tooltip on what device the room/scene is connected to.

    Who is In

    This feature is assisted by our Securifi partner.

    1. Select the settings button on the bottom right corner of the Who is In section.

    2. Select the + Sign and you will be directed to a page "Create Member"

    3. Enter the first and last name, relationship and the mobile number of the individual you would like to include in Who is in function.

    4. Look for the device in the device identifier. If the device is not found, you may select the refresh button circled in red.

    5. You may also choose to notify Home-A-Genius when user has came home.

    6. Once done, hit save and you are done.

    7. Repeat the above steps if you want to create additional members in the family.

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