My Yeelight bulb doesn't go on/off when I control it from the app

    This happens when:

    1. Your WiFi network is not strong enough and your Yeelights are nicely located in the dead spot.

    2. Your Yeelight bulb is not connected to the connector socket.


    To resolve this:

    1. Check that your router is strong enough to cover the dead spot.

    2. Replace the connector socket if needed.

    How do I restart my Linksys Router?

    Go to your Linksys mobile app.

    Select Velop Administration on the left column.

    Scroll to bottom & Select Restart Router

    My Broadlink IR/RF blaster does not turn on/off my air con.

    This happens when:

    1. Your IR/RF blaster is not in line of sight to your device. You could be blocking the IR/RF blaster with a piece of glass/wood which do not allow IR to reach the device.

    2. Your IR/RF device is not connected to the correct WiFi network

    3. Your IR/RF device is not turned on at all.

    4. Your rules setting in Home-A-Genius was done incorrectly.


    To resolve this:

    1. Place your IR/RF to a place that is in line of sight of the device(s)

    2. Check that your IR/RF blaster does not have any blinking blue lights. Check & connect your IR/RF blaster to the correct WiFi network.

    3. Check that the IR/RF blaster is connected to the USB connector.

    4. Ensure that your rules & logic set up is correct. If time limitations are setup, remove the limitations and work on the logic again.

    My Xiaomi switch works intermittently

    This happens when:

    1. Your Xiaomi gateway is overloaded with too many devices


    To resolve this:

    1. We usually recommend 10-11 devices per gateway (based on our experience in setting up Xiaomi ecosystems)

    2. Get another Xiaomi Gateway and allocate some devices to the 2nd gateway.

    3. Setup the Xiaomi Gateway in Home-A-Genius Admin page. Instructions here.


    Temporary solution:

    1. Turn off and on your Xiaomi gateway to reset the device.

    2. Your devices should be re-connected to the gateway.

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