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Smart Home in times like COVID-19

#Stayhome for #SGUnited

COVID-19 sparks fear, anxiety & kiasu-ism

With the constant news on COVID-19 spread across the globe, everyone is living in fear. The constant awareness on social distancing, sanitizing, washing of hands etc. have led to an increase in steps/processes within the home. Technology is here to simplify things.

1. Reducing surface contact

- Voice control such as Google Assistant(s)

Voice command was always the call for automation hands-free/touch-free. With the constant fear of contaminated surfaces, voice command surely brings reduced contact. Turning on lights/fans are not limited through switches.

Worried about slow network speeds affecting your smart home's reaction time? We heard you. Home-A-Genius recently launched our Local Google Assistant; voice commands get activated in less than 1s (cold starts excluded). Our engineers were hard at work on it during our COVID-19 #stayhome days as we knew the importance of speedy voice commands in smart homes. Existing Home-A-Genius homeowners, stay tuned to your upgraded hubs this week!

- Motion sensors & Door sensors

Lights can also be triggered via sensors that simply reduces surface contact. Simply walk to the area of interest and the lights turn on like TA-DA.

- Automatic Soap Dispenser

Rule of thumb. Reduce as much contact as possible. Instead of contaminating your soap dispenser, use the Xiaomi Automatic Soap Dispenser instead. Powered by only 4x AA batteries, the dispenser simply squirts a generous amount of foam for direct sanitization.

2. Contactless Delivery

- 2-way Audio CCTV

With all the #stayhome signs everywhere, the best way to shop is through e-Commerce. Platforms like Singapore Home Cooks where fresh foods can be ordered online and delivered to your doorsteps has eased its way into every household's lifestyle.

Scenario: The doorbell rings and you rush to don up your mask.

Instead of rushing to the mask station, use a 2-way Audio CCTV to instruct the delivery man were to place the items. Slowly make your way to the delivered items after the delivery man has left.

FYI. Skip sending the pin code to the deliveryman as much as possible. :)

3. No internet? No Problem

Your favourite telco has gone down during COVID-19. Bummer. While Home-Based Learnings and Zoom calls no longer work, the last you'd want is for your smart home to be disconnected. Smart Home hubs are best designed as local servers to reduce dependency on your internet speed and downtime. Consider the internet aspect when purchasing your smart home.

Let us know if your home has any WiFi problem. Team Home-A-Genius are experts in setting up networking solutions to zhng your WiFi to the max.

4. Energy Monitoring

While Singapore is prepping into her hotter summer time, the balance for energy consumption has to be monitored to reduce wastage. Air Quality can be monitored by air purifers and room temperatures can be controlled by temperature sensors. While home owners have to take note not to overuse the air con throughout the day, the smart home system can regulate duration the air con can be turned on/off based on the day's usage.

Smart home reduces anxiety

With the constant maintianence, monitoring and looking after your home, the added stress of COVID-19 will surely lead to decision fatigue. Inclusion of smart home reduces small actions like turning on the light or the consciousness to off devices off our minds so we can focus on work, COVID-19 santizations and our families better. While our time at home will eventually increase during the fight with COVID-19, smart home technology is here to assist any home owners in managing their homes.

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