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Fight the dark side of Smart Home & Internet Of Things (IoT)

Creepy stuffs only stays in the closet

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The dark side of Smart Home & IoT has invaded

Over the years, we have evolved with machines. Pen, paper & calculators vs Excel calculations, broom vs vacuum, candles vs light bulbs, analogue phones vs smart phones, hand washing vs washing machines. Believe it or not, devices (smart or not) will eventually enter our homes in one way or another.

We have read many, many, many articles about how easily our data can be exposed through IoT devices from smart homes. In some way or another we agree and disagree with them.

The dark side can invade us... easily

Storm troopers working for Lord Vader looked at a few things when they hack.

1. They target groups of people and not individuals

If you ever get your data compromised, even though you are a normal human being like you and I, you are probably just........ one of us. Hackers target groups not individuals. Simple logic, your data is not worth their efforts; a population of data (or money) is worth it.

2. Troopers planned their attack well

Lets take a look at our recent SingHealth cyberattack; these storm troopers had their plan done up so well they even knew which system had that loophole. We have so many devices around us such as: Smart TV, Robot Vacuums or even something as innocent as your wireless printers. Any one of those could be used for hacking.

Appliances and devices such as Smart TV may pose potential security risk to the home owner

3. How valuable are these data

Data is just numbers, how we interpret them is another art to master. Why are data collected by smart home valuable - they tell us your lifestyle, how big is your home (based on the number of devices you have), when your home has no one in it, how often do you take your medicine etc. These are valuable data, well sought after by businesses out there.

How to prevent visits from the dark side?

Simple! Make yourself less of a target compared to other users.

1. Password Protection

We hear this everyday: Use Two-Factor Authentication, Updating Passwords etc. they do keep storm troopers out of sight. We can't bring down the importance of a strong password as it is the key to our data.

2. Downloading latest software

Once again, why do everyone say that?!

Simple. Companies are constantly trying to protect their consumers by actively looking for system loopholes. Every software update you do may include patches that may protect you and your family.

3. Minimize connection

Yes minimize connection. Get your home connected internally, but reduce the times it need to be connected. Keeping your home automation server local means that it can work without the internet. i.e. lesser chance for our trooper fellows to take chance.

Not so gloomy hard truths afterall?

In April 2018, Facebook CEO made a public apology to the congress with regards to the data breach scandal with Cambridge Analytica. Companies have since taken data security more seriously and boosting measures to protect their consumers. Consumers are even protected by the law to ensure that data privacy is looked after by the business itself.

We didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake, my mistake and I am sorry. - Mark Zuckerburg

Businesses have heard the needs of their consumers and have done up measures to protect their consumers and the key to modern businesses is to allow for customers to opt in for their data to be shared.

Are you still afraid about technological advances? Let us know! We would love to hear from you!

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