• Smart Curtain Control

    Redefining comfort with natural sunlight

  • Comfort

    Great for reducing glare or creating instant privacy. Protect valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays.

    Light Touch to Start

    Use your hand to pull the curtain lightly and the curtain will run automatically and stop until fully opened or fully closed

    Stops when meet resistance

    Curtains stops automatically simply by giving it a tug in the opposite direction

    Schedule It

    Schedule the motorized curtains to open in the morning and close when you leave for work

    Remote control with App

    Open or close the motorized curtains with the Mi Home App from Xiaomi (available on iOS/Android) when you at home or away.


    Curtains also works with Home-A-Genius Hub and can be controlled via Home-A-Genius iOS/Android App.

  • Voice Control

    Open or close the motorized curtains simply by giving a hands free voice command to Alexa/Google Home with Home-A-Genius Hub and Home-A-Genius Alexa Skill or Google Home App.


    In your voice command, you may even set the percentage of how much you want the curtains to be open.

    Automate with sensors

    Use the motorized curtains with a temperature sensor and Home-A-Genius Hub to close the curtains when the room becomes too warm.


    Press a wireless switch before you leave home to off all your lights and close the curtains.

  • Order Now

    Our professional electrical engineers will assemble the curtain tracks and motor and install and secure the tracks to the wall/ceiling with care. Our software engineer will integrate and commission the curtain motor for automation.
    Engage us today to motorized and automate your curtains!

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